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NET 4.0 / .NET 4.5Add infonHow do 3D-printed prototypes look when you use materials that you would normally have to source yourself? When you go to market with a 3D-printed product and everyone can see it, how is it going to get noticed? The latest project from America's National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the military's premier spy agency, shows how well a 3D-printed, unbreakable glass display might work for a hand-held device. This New York-based firm, Textron Systems, is one of the few manufacturers of 3D printers in the world. They invented a printer that could print directly onto glass using a technique called Stereolithography (SLA) — literally, "solid from the same plane," meaning the layers of the glass are all the same thickness. This unique printing process takes a precise layer of liquid resin and builds it into the glass in one go, rather than using a conventional printing technique, which applies layers of resin with a brush, squeegee or extruder. This enables the process to work directly onto glass, or any other material, but it also has certain advantages. Because there is no brush, squeegee or extruder, the printer can do things like print directly onto a curved or concave surface, and so it can create a strong and thin, easily breakable display like the one you would find in an iPad. But it can also print a strong but unbreakable display — for instance, to produce the glass for a giant television. It can also print directly onto other 3D objects, using the build-up layers to create, for instance, a jewel, or a printed handbag. Seymour Papert, one of the greatest mathematicians and psychologists of the 20th century, said that a machine that could make any object it wanted, "probably by the use of elementary physical principles," would one day be reality, and it would be faster, cheaper, and more reliable than anything else. Today we have some pretty good 3D printers, but a company is not going to put one in its lobby and wait for its name to be called. But if it could print something like, say, an iPad display, and be ready for market in a day or two — and be sure that the display would be structurally sound, and not a mere paperweight — it might take off. Textron



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Nero Micro Express And Burning Rom Free Download

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